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Theses at the GET Lab

Overview of theses at the GET Lab:

Below is a list of topics for theses which have been assigned in the GET Lab. The titles refer to the abstract of the respective work.



Bachelor's Theses:

inprogress Amanuel Aslan (2022)
Anpassung und Erweiterung eines Verfahrens zur Vorverarbeitung binärer Kantenbilder

Master's Theses:

inprogress Pranav Avekar (2022)
Goal Oriented Action Planning
inprogress Sarim Charania (2022)
Precise Object Handling using Visual Feedback
inprogress Dheeraj Rajashekar Poolavaram (2022)
Deep Learning based Scale Estimation for Local Image Features
inprogress Shivaram Goutham Suresh (2022)
Exploration of Unknown Environments Supported by Semantic Maps
inprogress Marvin Westerholz (2022)
Object Detection and Robot Motion Planning for Object Handling
inprogress Qinyuan Yang (2022)
CNN Training for Detecting Curvature Extrema of Contours in Real Images