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E-Learning Label GET A Wintersemester 2023/24
Course GET A
Winter Semester 2023/24
E-Learning Label Robotics Sommersemester 2023
Course Robotics
Summer Semester 2023
E-Learning Label Advanced Topics in Robotics Wintersemester 2023/24
Course Advanced Topics in Robotics
Winter Semester 2023/24
E-Learning Label Digital Image Processing I Wintersemester 2023/24
Course Digital Image Processing I
Winter Semester 2023/24
E-Learning Label Digital Image Processing II Sommersemester 2023
Course Digital Image Processing II
Summer Semester 2023


Courses offered by GET Lab

Semester LP
Bachelor Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik A W 8
Laborpraktikum A S 2
Master Digital Image Processing I W 6
Digital Image Processing II S 6
Robotics S 6
Advanced Topics in Robotics W 6
Teil A
Part A
W 3
Technische kognitive Systeme
Cognitive Systems Engineering
Teil B
Part B
S 3
Teil C
Part C
W / S 3
Rescue Robots (Projekt / Project) W / S 9
Disaster Response Robots (Projekt / Project) W / S 18

Courses offered - Summer Semester 2024

Bachelor's and Master's Theses, Jobs

The GET Lab continuously offers theses on topics involving biologically motivated image processing / active vision (vision control, object, recognition, stereo image processing, motion estimation, robotics (autonomous and telesensory systems), computer graphics, e-learning, and hardware development for image and speech processing. If you are interested, please contact the staff members .

Some current fields of interest:

An overview of theses that were assigned by the GET Lab in the past can be found here.

Mailing lists

You can be up-to-date on our announcements by signing into our mailing lists.


In case you cannot register for a GET Lab course in PAUL, please download the form 'Application for admission' , sign it and hand it to the supervisor of your exercise. The form will then be transferred to the PAUL administration.