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Reminder & infos: Mini-presentations next week
Date: 2017/11/10

Dear Students,

please remember that next week Wed. 13-15 (in our seminar room P we will have the mini-presentations regarding the experimental paradigms.

Moreover, two further students joined the course and were assigned to the groups (see group listings on the material page). If a new student joined your group, please coordinate the topics with them. If you have already prepared your parts of the presentation, please help the new students to find an aspect to present which is not covered by what you already have, so that we can avoid repetitions.

Since we have 8 students now, make sure that everyone does not talk for more than 10 minutes.

In your presentation cover the following parts: What is the general idea of the paradigm / method As discussed in the meeting, explain the points mentioned on slide 10 of last meetings slides. * How can we potentially measure saliency with the method.

Keep things simple! At this point it's important that everyone can learn about the basic ideas behind such experiments. Don't get lost in technical details.

Finally, if possible use our PowerPoint template for the presentation. You can find it on the material page.

See you next Wednesday