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CSE-I: Next meeting
Date: 2012/10/24

Dear students,

in this seminar, there is only a small group of now 5 students. The next meeting was scheduled for today, at a time where 4 students were able to make it, according to the poll. However, due to the fact that now another student cannot come, we decided to cancel today's session.

We need your committment: The seminar concept relies on high dedication of all participants but in return offers to work on very interesting interdisciplinary topics. We are optimistic that this group is interested in such a seminar and we hope that we can find a time slot that works for all. If this requires you to push some appointments we would be happy if you do so, as otherwise the seminar can't take place if we cannot agree on time slots.

In that sense we set up a new poll for the first session, admittedly at less attractive times (very early and late), but hopefully with a greater chance that it works for everyone. Find the poll here,and vote as soon as possible: http://doodle.com/ksesk6pskhz8gdta

Thank you and best regards Baerbel Mertsching