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GET Lab Movie Evening
Date: 2010/12/07
Time: 18:00 h
Topic: GET Lab Movie Evening

we will have another evening to watch a movie on the SmartBoard P The date is the Tuesday the 7th of Dec. and we will start at 18:00.

We picked 3 movies which we will bring, show trailers and have everyone vote which one to watch. We won't tell the titles in advance but you can try to figure out:

The third is from 2010. There is a film from 2008 which has a title that differs only in two letters and contains an actor which is also in the second film of our selection. That one is from 2009 by the way! The first of our selection is maybe more easy to guess knowing that two of the actors also appeared in Con Air and one of them plays himself.

Please inform Jan Tünnermann if you will join the event.