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Lecture notes for chapter 7 and task sheet 2 online
Date: 2020/04/24

Dear students,

the lecture notes for chapter 7 (Image Segmentation) are now available online, together with corresponding learning objectives for your orientation during the studies.

Furthermore, task sheet 2 is now available in the subfolder exercises-dip-ii within the Jupyter Notebooks (remember that they are provided with read-only access, therefore you need to copy them).

Our next meeting takes place on the upcoming Wednesday, April 29th, using BigBlueButton again (https://bbb1.uni-paderborn.de/b/dir-euz-ct4). For this meeting, you should familiarize yourself with Jupyter Notebook and OpenCV, study and solve task sheet 1, and study the different edge detection algorithms (up to and including section 7.4 of the lecture notes).

In our meeting, we will reflect on the contents studied so far, and give an outlook. Additionally, you can discuss all open questions and address further topics. Please let us know if you have any questions!