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Material page & next meeting
Date: 2018/04/13
Link: https://getwww.uni-paderborn.de/teaching/cse-b

Dear CSE-B (+ C) Students,

you can now find the slides from the preliminary meeting on the seminar webpage under "Materials".

Moreover, note the dates for the next meetings:

  • Wed, April 18, 13-14 in P
  • Tue, April 24, 13-14 in P
  • (Wed, May 2, 13-14 in P
  • Wed, May 9, 13-14 in P

Note that the second date is a Tuesday and we possibly skip the third date in the first May week.

Finally, please bring this information to the attention of any students that you know are interested, but whose e-mail addresses we don't have (e.g., because they were not at the preliminary meetings or did not add their name / e-mail to the list).