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Robotics Wiki: Situated Learning of Mathematics
Date: 2014/07/29

Dear students,

as another support tool for you we are providing now a new multimedia learning platform in form of a wiki, the "Robotics Wiki".

This Wiki provides additional support for selected mathematical topics in context of the Robotics lecture. Each topic is presented in a single article which is divided in subarticles. Additional examples, exercises and interactive applets are offering support while you are learning for the exam.

You can access it via the course webpage or directly with the link


using the access data for the robotics material page:

username: robotik-so14 password: Aquo2chi

The wiki is still under construction. Not all interesting topics are covered yet. We appreciate your feedback.

Best regards Daniel Nickchen

PS: This new offer has been developed in our research project LEMMA. GET Lab is pursuing a blended learning approach to the robotics course. To describe the kinematics and dynamics of manipulator arms and mobile robots you need in-depth mathematical knowledge in linear algebra and quaternions. For this purpose we are developing the web-based learning platform for the situated acquisition of math skills in the robotics course. Moreover we are providing simulations of robots - an addon some of you asked for in the last SVK.

Link to LEMMA: http://getwww.uni-paderborn.de/research/current/lemma.