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Theses and papers at the GET Lab

Overview of theses and papers at the GET Lab:

Below is a list of topics for theses which have been assigned in the GET Lab. The titles refer to the abstract of the respective work.




inprogress Thomas Engelmeier (2020)
Robuste Bestimmung charakteristischer Orientierungen für binäre Bildstrukturen
inprogress Arnold Müller (2020)
Velocity Estimation from Monocular Video


inprogress Mohammed Afroze (2020)
Self-supervised Estimation of Depth and Ego-motion to Detect Moving Objects in an Unconstrained Monocular Video
inprogress Philip Frieling (2020)
Robust and Precise 3D SLAM at Low Computational Cost Using Laser Scanner and Camera Data
inprogress Satish Jai (2020)
Robot Grasping in Cluttered Environments
inprogress Anshuman Nayak (2020)
Combining global-local features for robust appearance-based mapping
inprogress Sebastian Reinke (2020)
Real-Time Detection of Object Contours using Artificial Visual Attention
finished Bashar Tomeh (2020)
Semantic-aware Lightweight Visual Place Recognition System for Severe Viewpoint and Appearance Variations
inprogress Sergej Wiebe (2020)
Korrespondenzbestimmung lokaler Bildmerkmale zur Objekterkennung unter Berücksichtigung geometrischer Informationen