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GET-Forschungsseminar Abstracts

Master's Thesis Presentation: Robot Arm Control using Hand-Eye Coordination Based on Object Tracking

Sarim Charania, GET Lab

Presentation: 14.12.2022, 16:30h, P 1.4.08


Robot dexterity is the ability of a robot to handle and manipulate objects in its environment. Its use cases can be found in multiple domains of robotics ranging from household robots to industrial ones. Handling objects with precision requires that robots do not only accurately identify their pose, but also ensure that the manipulator can execute the planned path to the object with high precision. This can be challenging because a manipulator?s ability to reach a desired position can be affected by errors in the mechanical components such as backlash in gears. To overcome this, the robot must identify and correct the differences between its end effector?s intended and actual position during the execution. This becomes even more challenging when operating in unknown environments. Inspired by how humans perform handling tasks, the goal is to develop a closed loop hand-eye coordination system that relies on the relative poses of the perceived object and the end effector to guide the arm.