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Master's Thesis Presentation: Surfel based Semantic Maps for Exploration in Dynamic Environments
Date: 2023/02/01
Time: 16:30 h
Place: P 1.4.17
Author(s): Kanak Mazumder

On Wednesday, February 1, Kanak Mazumder will present intermediate results of his master's thesis with the title

Surfel based Semantic Maps for Exploration in Dynamic Environments


For the use of autonomous mobile robots, 3D mapping and localization is an integral part that is becoming more and more important. However, a bare point cloud-based map is insufficient to make an informed decision and plan for a high-level task such as search and rescue. A 3D semantic map, i.e. each point in the map is labeled with the corresponding class, improves planning and decision-making processes. This work focuses on creating a suitable semantic map representation and improving the accuracy of semantic labeling by reducing segmentation and projection errors. The resulting system should provide a 3D semantic map, which can reduce the computational complexity of traversability analysis, viewpoint selection and ensure better exploration behavior.