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Examination Procedures


The overall grade for the course is determined based on the points obtained during the semester and the written exam. During the lecture period, 2 midterm exams (30 minutes written exam and 90 minutes programming task exam) take place, in each of which a maximum of 25 points can be achieved. The points reached in the midterm exams are added up to achieved a maximum 50 points.

In the final exam, a maximum of 100 points can be achieved. The points achieved in the exam and in the midterm tests are added up. The overall score is then set. The score of 1.0 is awarded from approx. 135 points and the grade 4.0 from approx. 75 points.

Table overview

Reachable points:

Maximum achievable points per midterm exam 25
Maximum achievable points from all 2 midterm exmas (sum) 50
Maximum achievable points in the final exam 100