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Project Presentations by Exchange Students from Beihang University
Date: 2015/08/12
Time: 16:30 h
Place: P 1.4.17
Author(s): Zheng Huijun, Du Yongwei, Yu Sichun

Am Mittwoch, den 12. August 2015, stellen Zheng Huijun, Du Yongwei, und Yu Sichun um 16:30 Uhr im Raum P 1.4.17 ihre im GET Lab durchgeführten Projekte vor.


Three students from the Beihang University, Beijing, China are visiting GET Lab and the University of Paderborn in context of the exchange program between the Beihang University, School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering and the University of Paderborn, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (http://beihang.upb.de). The students are visiting the University of Paderborn from April to August 2015 and present their projects conducted in GET Lab:

Zheng Huijun presents his results concerning the estimation of the systematic error of a laser scanner used in GET Lab. The aim at the end is to remove the systematic measurement error to improve the accuracy of the laser scanner.

Du Yongwei presents his results concerning the development of a graphical user interface for the initialization of object recognition systems.

Yu Sichun presents first experiments of converting a spatial pre-attentional structure extraction based on Growing Neural Gas into a spatio-temporal approach.