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Next meeting
Date: 2013/01/21

Dear CSE-I Students,

we decided to have another CSE-Block (organized as the last time) in the GET Lab so that you can further improve the inhibition of return algorithm you developed the last time. This will also give us the chance to discuss evaluation metrics.

As possible dates I suggest 01/25 & 01/26 or 01/26 & 01/27. Please let me know which work for you (tuennermann@get.upb.de).

We will meet on Sat. 26th at 10:00 in the usual room.

Furthermore, I uploaded the results from the last session to the material section.

The seminar will be concluded with a written report (approx. 15 pages; deadline TBA) which you can write in groups of two, given you identify each stutents contribution.