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Annotated course description

L.048.23004 Driver assistance systems

PD Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Büker


preliminary meeting: Oct. 7 2011, 4:00pm - 6:00pm, room P

Educational objectives

The seminar Driver assistance systems introduces technologies and applications for assisting drivers in their vehicles. Students are expected to independently work out several topics, explain them in a seminar paper and give a presentation on their work. A list of preliminary literature on each of the topics will be provided. This seminar is intended to introduce students to some of the important areas of driver assistance systems, including their application and deployed sensor technologies. In addition, aspects of presentation and lecture techniques are communicated.


The range of topics includes the deployed technologies, such as camera technology, run-time base measuring systems and radar as well as application such as intelligent cruise control, automatic emergency break, automatic/machine-aided parking, out-of-position detection, and biometric indentification.

Position in the curriculum

Elective course




The seminar is offered annually.