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GET-Forschungsseminar Abstracts

Towards developing a Social Robot: Current work at ISIS group in Visual Attention

Antonio Jesús Palomino López, GET Lab

Vortrag: Mi. 20.10.2010, 16:30, Raum P 1.4.17


During the last few years, the work of ISIS Group at the University of Málaga (Spain) has been focused on the development of a social robot which is an embodied agent belonging to a heterogeneous community of people and other robots. These agents should be able to perceive and explore their environment in an autonomous way while interacting with humans, avoiding obstacles or recognizing objects and regions of interest. The first part of this talk introduces the current work of ISIS Group in the main issues of social robotics such as autonomous navigation, human recognition and imitation, hardware and software architecture development or image processing. Furthermore, one of the main problems a social robot has to deal with is the huge amount of information present in a natural scenario. In order to extract only the most relevant information in the environment in an efficient manner, ISIS Group proposes a biologicaly inspired visual attention system. So the second part of the talk describes this object-based visual attention model proposed as well as the topics currently under research in this area.