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GET Research Seminar

Welcome to the homepage of the "GET Research Seminar" for the winter semester 2010/11. Here, you will find up-to-date announcements relating to the seminar as well as additional information.

Some of the pages will be updated concurrent with the course. It is worth your while to occasionally check these pages.


  2011/03/29 GET Lab Movie Evening
  2011/02/09 Knowledge Driven Saliency for Visual Attention
  2011/02/09 Modeling of knowledge representation and decision processes in biologically inspired working memory of mobile robotic system
  2011/02/02 Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning in a Robot Rescue Domain
  2011/02/02 Modeling and implementation of biological motivated learning processes of a mobile robotic system
  2011/02/01 GET Lab Movie Evening
  2011/01/22 Center of Excellence "University didactics in Mathematics" (KHMD) opened
  2011/01/12 Vortrag der Projektgruppe Rettungsrobotersysteme
  2010/12/16 Entwurf und Implementierung einer Antriebsregelung für eine schnelle geländegängige Roboterplattform
  2010/12/07 GET Lab Movie Evening
  2010/11/17 Entwicklung eines modularen Low Power Kamerasystems für mobile sichtgesteuerte Roboter
  2010/11/03 Presentation by the project team 'Rescue Robots'
  2010/10/20 Towards developing a Social Robot: Current work at ISIS group in Visual Attention