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Schedule for block III
Date: 2009/12/03

Dear students,

I would like to summarize your next tasks in the course

a) go to psy-lab (H4.238) and do the experiment on color and orientation. Please do this within next week, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (9:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.). If this is not possible, please send a mail to jeti@mail.upb.de to make an appointment for the experiment

b) think about saliency and experiments. Develop hypotheses from your modeling work and your presentations. What could we test? Could we do a follow-up on one of the experiments you presented, or a replication? Could we do it with material which we could also present to the visual attention models? If you go to the lab with your team, please be sure to have several ideas!

c) have a look at our basic experimental program in the meeting with Jan Tünnermann. The program gives your own experimental work one possible frame. Of course you can deviate from this, if you have a better idea. I would still suggest strongly that the experimental programm is written in C.

d) develop detailed ideas for an experiment (or several experiments) during this same meeting.

e) after the meeting, but before Christmas break, please send me an e-mail with your hypothesis and some basic information on the experiment (task, how is saliency measured or manipulated, stimulus material).

f) experiments will have to be programmed and done early in January. Please note that you will have to provide the (non-paid!) subjects. Data collection should be completed in January. Jan Tünnermann is responsible for evaluation of the data (with your help, especially if you want to use the eyetracker), and you will be able to interprete them by the end of January or early in February, depending on how quickly you collect the subjects.

Ingrid Scharlau