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Module-I of seminar course on visual attention
Date: 2009/10/22

Dear students,

Here are two important messages for you regarding module - I of the course on visual-spatial attention.

1) The Module - I was planned from 29th to 30th October 2009 but some students have problem of adjusting their time. The alternative dates for this module could be 6th to 7th November 2009. As decided during our meeting, Mr. Jan Tünnermann has generated a query to see which schedule suits everyone. Please visit the following web page : http://www.doodle.com/c78y9ipwyyf5txuf

You may select one or both of the schedules listed there. In case none of them suits you then do enter your name in the list and save.

2) Most of the students who opted to attend this course have not joined the course mailing list. Please go to the web page http://getwww.uni-paderborn.de/teaching/visatt/mailliste and follow the simple instructions to join the mailing list.

Please respond to both of the above points as soon as possible.

Best regards Dr.-Ing. M. Zaheer Aziz