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SOA, Flight Simulator, Human motion modeling, visual simulation and complex product virtual prototyping technology
Date: 2010/01/18
Time: 14:00 h
Place: P1.6.02.1
Author(s): Prof. Song Xiao

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, werte Kollegen, liebe Studis,

am Montag, den 18.01.2010 hält Herr Prof. Song Xiao um 14:00 im Raum P einen Vortrag mit dem Titel

SOA, Flight Simulator, Human motion modeling, visual simulation and complex product virtual prototyping technology

As the first time to visit Paderborn and exchange ideas with GET Lab, I will briefly introduce several research areas of me and my colleagues.

Firstly, our research interest in SOA software technology will be introduced. In web era, it is important to develop software systems with new application model. One of the most important and popular technology, SOA, is introduced. Then the basic information of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is discussed. We will study the key technologies of SOA, Web Service related technologies such as WSDL, SOAP etc. Service Orientation (SO) is compared with Component Orientation (CO). The characteristics of SO and CO will be discussed and compared in detail. Dynamic Description Language (DDL) and DDL-based Semantic Web Serves Composition is proposed and studied.

Secondly, Flight Simulator technology is discussed. According to the requirements of Human Factors on the enhancement of Situation Awareness of cockpit integrated display system, this paper proposes an Integrated Primary Flight Display (IPFD) system, which is a combination of traditional Primary Flight Display with terrain visualization, integrated navigation and Tunnel-in-the-Sky Display. Coupling with the four views Cockpit Display of Traffic Information, and the three dimensional display of Synthetic Natural Environment, the IPFD turns into an innovative cockpit integrated display system, which also accords to the guidance of Human Factors.

Thirdly, Human motion modeling and visual simulation is the essential topic for the research of human-fit virtual space and highly immersive virtual environment. Virtual human is an important component of the virtual environment. Virtual environment with virtual human adds life and vitality, and enhance the user’s participation sense. On the other hand, human motion simulation is the premise of the interactive virtual human and virtual environment, and the necessary links of constructing the realistic virtual environments. Human motion modeling and visual simulation provides a new way for human when dealing with crucial problems, such as safety and health, education and entertainment, product design, etc.

Lastly, the complex product virtual prototyping technology is introduced. The tech is becoming a hotspot of the product research and development of manufacturing. Virtual prototyping technology is a type of digital design method based on computer simulation model of product. At present, the virtual prototyping technology, represented by various CAX (CAD, CAM, CAE, etc) /DFX (DFA, DFM, etc) technologies, has got lots of research achievements and successful applications in the fields of machinery, electron, control and software. At the same time, in recent years, people have begun to emphasize the research and development of multidisciplinary collaborative CAX/DFX technology, and have successfully developed corresponding software tools, such as ADAMS, Statemate.

Alle Interessierten sind hierzu herzlich eingeladen!