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Digital image processing

Welcome to the homepage of the course "Digital Image Processing" for the winter semester 2009/10. Here, you will find up-to-date announcements relating to the course as well as additional information.

Some of the pages will be updated concurrently with the course. It is worth your while to occasionally check these pages.


  2010/04/21 GETbot at the RoboCup German Open 2010
  2010/04/15 Making academic knowledge available to businesses - 3rd seminar Industrial Image Processing OWL
  2010/02/18 Organizational Hints
  2010/02/04 DIP Script
  2010/02/04 Robocup Testing Arena Opening
  2010/01/26 Update of DIP Script
  2010/01/18 Next Lectures
  2009/11/13 Organizational Hints
  2009/11/04 Organizational Hints
  2009/10/29 Reminder: The DIP lecture ...
  2009/10/28 DIP exercises
  2009/10/20 Organizational Hints