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Low-Resolution Recognition of Text and 1D-Barcodes
Date: 2008/12/16
Time: 18:00 h
Place: P1.6.02.1
Author(s): Steffen Wachenfeld

Am Dienstag, den 16.12.2008 hält Herr Steffen Wachenfeld um 18:00 im Raum P einen Vortrag mit dem Titel

Low-Resolution Recognition of Text and 1D-Barcodes


Low resolutions often require different and new recognition approaches. In this talk, two examples will be investigated. First, a successful approach for the segmentation and recognition of very low resolution text will be presented. Then, a likely problem in the case of 1D-barcode recognition along with a working solution will be discussed. Both approaches use a graph based search to find and test classification hypotheses and make use of control mechanisms.