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Cognitive Systems Engineering B

Welcome to the homepage of the seminar "Cognitive Systems Engineering B" for the sommer semester 2021. Here, you will find up-to-date announcements relating to the course as well as additional information.

Some of the pages will be updated concurrently with the course. It is worth your while to occasionally check these pages.


  2022/02/16 Master's Thesis Presentation: Autonomous Exploration Using 3D Maps Semantically Augmented By Deep Learning
  2022/01/26 Bachelor's Thesis Presentation: Anpassung und Erweiterung eines Verfahrens zur Vorverarbeitung binärer Kantenbilder
  2021/08/18 Master's Thesis Presentation: Direkte Bestimmung lokaler Konturmerkmale mit Convolutional Neural Networks
  2021/07/07 Master's Thesis Presentation: Autonomous Assembly of Pre-Defined Structures with a Robotic Arm Using Known Objects Detected in the Environment
  2021/06/30 Master's Thesis Presentation: Optische Bestimmung der Strohverteilparameter bei der Strohverteilung des Mähdreschers
  2021/06/23 Master's Thesis Presentation: A Hierarchical Approach to Enhance Accuracy of Place Recognition
  2021/06/16 Bachelor's Thesis Presentation: Robuste Objekterkennung auf Basis invarianter Konturmerkmale
  2021/05/05 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 3)
  2021/04/28 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 2)
  2021/04/21 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 1)