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New schedule for DIP-II lecture and exercise
Date: 2019/04/12
Link: https://doodle.com/poll/3emncewxvbyzicsi?utm_campaign=poll_created&utm_medium=email&utm_source=poll_transactional&utm_content=inviteparticipants-cta#email

Dear students,

during the DIP-II lecture this week, we came to know that some students have conflicts between the DIP-II lecture/exercise and other courses. Therefore, we have created a doodle poll for a new schedule.


Please, choose all time slots that fit your schedule for both DIP-II lecture and exercise. Based on your voting, we will select the two slots which have the highest ballot and assign one for the lecture and one for the exercise.

The new schedule will be considered only if all students participated in the doodle poll. Otherwise, the old plan will be valid.

Best regards

Mahmoud Mohamed