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Digital Image Processing II

Welcome to the homepage of the course "Digital Image Processing II" for the summer semester 2019. Here, you will find up-to-date announcements relating to the course as well as additional information.

Some of the pages will be updated concurrently with the course. It is worth your while to occasionally check these pages.


  2019/07/09 New task sheet for exercise 12 and update of the lecture notes
  2019/07/02 New task sheet for exercise 11
  2019/06/25 Update of course material
  2019/05/15 DIP-II materials update
  2019/05/02 An additional material for Hough transform
  2019/04/16 Schedule for DIP-II lecture and exercise stays the same.
  2019/04/12 New schedule for DIP-II lecture and exercise
  2019/04/10 DIP-II exercise starts April 17, 2019