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MATLAB Simulations Helping Exam Preparations
Date: 2014/07/22

Dear students,

in the robotics course you should achieve compentency in the presented methods. We are happy that we can offer you now new means of assistance.

For some exercise sheets we are providing now MATLAB simulations of the tasks which you already solved during the course. We start with an extended version of task sheet 7. More will follow.

To gain access please refer to the materials webpage. There you find:

  • a zip archive of a modified version of Peter Corke's Robotics Toolbox,
  • an introduction to the toolbox, and furthermore
  • the exended worksheet 7 which uses the toolbox extensively and the corresponding solutions.

Of course you can use the toolbox for your own experiments.

Have fun.

Baerbel Mertsching

PS This new offer has been developed in our research project LEMMA. GET Lab is pursuing a blended learning approach to the robotics course. To describe the kinematics and dynamics of manipulator arms and mobile robots you need in-depth mathematical knowledge in linear algebra and quaternions. For this purpose we are developing a web-based learning platform for the situated acquisition of math skills in the robotics course. Moreover we are providing simulations of robots - an addon some of you asked for in the last SVK.

Link to LEMMA: http://getwww.uni-paderborn.de/research/current/lemma.