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Cognitive Systems Engineering C - GET Research Seminar

Welcome to the homepage of the "Cognitive Systems Engineering C - GET Research Seminar" for the winter semester 2022/23. Here, you will find up-to-date announcements relating to the seminar as well as additional information.

Some of the pages will be updated concurrent with the course. It is worth your while to occasionally check these pages.


  2023/02/02 Bachelor's Thesis Presentation: Analyse aktueller Verfahren zur Langzeit-Objektverfolgung mit einmaliger Initialisierung
  2023/02/01 Master's Thesis Presentation: Surfel based Semantic Maps for Exploration in Dynamic Environments
  2023/01/25 Master's Thesis Presentation: Spatiotemporal Clustering of Driving Situations Using Unsupervised Learning for Sensor Data Encoding
  2023/01/18 Master's Thesis Presentation: Real-Time Semantic Aided Place Recognition for Loop Closure Detection
  2022/12/14 Master's Thesis Presentation: Robot Arm Control using Hand-Eye Coordination Based on Object Tracking
  2022/11/30 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 4)
  2022/11/23 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 3)
  2022/11/16 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 2)
  2022/11/02 Master's Thesis Presentation: Efficient 3D Human Pose Estimation on Mobile Devices
  2022/10/26 Master's Thesis Presentation: CNN Training for Detecting Curvature Extrema of Object Contours in Real Images
  2022/10/19 Presentations of project group 'Rescue Robots' (part 1)