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Training and Research for Rescue Robots

This project aims to develop academic and research cooperations between three partners from Pakistani universities and GET Lab in the field of applied robotics. The cooperation partners are National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, and COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology that has campuses in different cities of Pakistan.

The scientific focus of the cooperation is the establishment of a intensive dialogue between the partners for the development of methods and systems for agricultural and rescue robotics. Robots can play an important role in stabilizing the economy of developing countries by minimizing the damage to human life and agricultural assets by taking e.g. preemptive actions against pest attacks or assisting in rescue operations after natural disasters. The long history of repeated natural catastrophes at the Pakistani side will help in defining new problems to be solved and provide practical targets to the research. The experience of work on rescue robots at Paderborn University is expected to bring momentum in the progress towards the objectives. The work on the project involves integration of multidisciplinary fields of sciences and engineering such as signal and image processing, active machine vision, mechatronics, and robotics. Since it is difficult, expensive, and unsafe to do experiments with equipment and algorithms that have not reached a sufficient level of maturity, the field of virtual reality robot simulation systems has been included in the list of the involved technical areas.

Furthermore the project intends to improve the curricula in the mentioned fields. The inclusion of research topics in the education of master students and the standardization of course contents are important milestones for a modern education in computer vision and robotics and will facilitate the integration of students into research and development projects in academia as well as industry. Pakistani postgraduate students visit GET Lab to participate in research projects.

The project is supported by DAAD (grant no. 55101630).


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