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Research Project Math-Kit


A Multimedia Construction Kit for the Mathematical Education of Undergraduate Students


Mathematics forms the common basis for all technical sciences. Therefore, it plays a fundamental role in natural sciences and engineering courses as well as in computer science teachings. However, the abstractional level of mathematics poses serious problems for many students, which are not compensated by the still prevailing method of classical frontal lectures. Therefore, this project is intended to offer assistance: We are developing a construction kit, called math-kit, to provide teachers and students with multimedia support for existing topics. They will have the choice to select elements according to their needs and independently of their program of study. These elements can be divided into four groups:

During the development of these elements, special attention will be paid on aspects of internet-based learning and didactical requirements. Furthermore, we are working on an organizational and technical framework to ensure an easy employment of the math-kit and the possibility of further developments. As a prototypical application, the math-kit will be integrated into the following courses of three German states: Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics for Computer Science, Technical Computer Science, and the distance learning course Linear Algebra . Additionally, math-kit will be included into the program of the Virtual University of Bavaria (Dept. Key Qualifications).

Advantages of math-kit over other integrated solutions are:

Components under free licence agreements will be freely distributed over the internet. A marketing of project results with commercial licenses is planned for the future.


Completed 12/2003, duration 2.75 years




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bärbel Mertsching


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