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Research Project ESAB-II


Development of algorithms for dynamic perception and the transfer of those algorithms into components of active vision systems


To the paradigm of active vision belongs the idea that vision does not take place in isolation but instead is part of a complex system which interacts with its environment. Visual attention, gaze control, data selection from multiple sources, depth cues from disparity, and motion cues are among the key aspects of active vision.

In this project a novel gaze control was developed for and integrated into an existing active vision system. The gaze control was analyzed regarding its psychophysical adequacy. Therefore, visual search experiments known from the study of visual attention were simulated. An existing attractivity representation which forms the basis of the bottom-up component of the gaze control and which was currently solely based on static features was completed by dynamic features. The features are bound by the evaluation of depth cues. Beside a data- and a model-driven component a third stage which guides simple behaviors by exchanging the different models inherent in the system was established in the gaze control. The entire gaze control was validated in the light of a scenario which was outlined.

The project proceeded the work begun in ESAB-I.


Completed 12/2002, duration 2 years, IMA Lab University of Hamburg




Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bärbel Mertsching