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Research Project COCHLEA


System and circuit technology for an integrated cochlea for speech analysis, recognition, and encoding


For a number of important applications in the field of speech processing (e.g. speech recognition and speech coding in mobile communication systems), auditory speech processing has been proved to be principally useful. However, the enormous computing expense for real-time implementations restricts its application in mobile systems and devices up today. The aim of the project was to develop the circuits and systems technology for an integrated preprocessing module performing the signal processing motivated by the human cochlea. A parallel architecture provided the sufficent computing performance along with special design-rules for a low power consumption.

To achieve an efficient and flexible system solution, the applicational abilities of this `integrated cochlea' was optimized with interlocked steps of implementation and simulation by the project partners involved. The developed integrated circuits were directly applicable. The research had started with partners from the University of Oldenburg, Departments of Physics and Computer Science, and was continued in the SILICON EAR project.


Completed 12/98, duration 2 years, IMA Lab, University of Hamburg



Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bärbel Mertsching