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Prof. Mertsching and Markus Hennig receive Award for Innovation and Quality in Teaching 2013
Date: 2013/12/04

Based on the recommendation of the Commission on Teaching, Studies and Quality Managagement the executive committee of the University of Paderborn confers the Award for Innovation and Quality in Teaching 2013 to Prof. Bärbel Mertsching and Markus Hennig. They receive the award for the project idea "LEMMA - LehrInnovations for Mathematics Training in Electrical Engineering". The award of 66,000.00 Euros will be conferred on February 14, 2014, the Day of Teaching.

The award is to be used for advancing measures to reduce the university drop-out rate in Electrical Engineering. Preliminary work has already demonstrated that a significant reduction in the failure rate in Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering A can be obtained by employing a Blended Learning Scenario to impart mathematical competencies in engineering courses. This scenario is to be sustainably supplemented by attractive components and transferred to the Master's program.

Currently, an overwhelming demand of short video units in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be observed internationally. As this tool is well accepted by students, it is to be transferred to teaching Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. In order to do this, an existing online service has to be supplemented with appropriate audio-visual parts. In addition, this approach is to be expanded to include the Master's program in Electrical Engineering. In the past, a generally homogenous prior knowledge of the students could be assumed to be built upon, the situation changed significantly; after starting the international Master's Program Electrical Systems Engineering the situation has changed, though. Measures are to be developed exemplarily for the course Robotics, which requires specifically in-depth mathematical skills in linear algebra.