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145180 Project team Mobile vision-controlled robots

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bärbel Mertsching, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Häb-Umbach, staff


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Educational objectives

Students learn to work on small typical engineering problems in teams and are instructed to present their results in a practice-oriented manner.

In addition, technical as well as economic problems dealing with the application and usefulness of mobile vision-controlled systems will be addressed.


After severe accidents rescue personnel is often unable to get to the actual location because the path is obstructed by debris or fire or can simply not be reached due to extreme heated caused by fires. This is the situation where mobile robots are an effective resource. In additon to developing a robust systems intelligent functions in those systems is one of the fundamental challenges of this field of research. In order to be disengaged from permanent supervision and control by a human user, robots have to independently recognize victims as well as risks. Within this interdisciplinary project team the telesensory robot (TSR) developed at the GET Lab is to be upgraded with intelligent acoustic sensors. Using several microphones allows the determination of the direction of an acoustic source. This way, e.g. victims calling for help can be localized acoustically. Building on a procedure used by the Department of Communications Engineering for acoustic localization, the TSR is to be expanded by the ability to localize acoustic sounds. Based on acoustic and visual hints navigation systems are to be refined to be able to access victims.



Position in the curriculum

The project team mobile vision-controlled robots is intended for students of electrical engineering, information engineering, computer science, technical mathematics, and industrial engineering.

For computer science and Ingenieurinformatik students this course is offered as a 2-semester course (winter semester 2007/08 and summer semester 2008).

The winter semester may look like this:

Study programs Degrees Semester Work load
Electrical engineering (e) Dipl.-Ing. 5th/7th 2S / 4P (6 CP)
Electrical engineering (em) M.Sc. 1st/3rd 2S / 4P (6 CP)
Ingenieurinformatik, electrical engineering (ie) Dipl.-Ing. 5th/7th 2S / 4P (6 CP)
Ingenieurinformatik, computer science (ii) M.Sc. 1st/3rd 2S / 4P (6 CP)
Industrial training, electrical engineering (ebb) Dipl.-Ing. 5th/7th 2S / 4P (6 CP)

This is an elective course for additional study programs (see above)



Working on various assignments in the project team, regular discussion with project supervisors and concluding presentation of results.

Useful courses

The following courses may be of interest:

Course title Professor Work load
Digital Image Processing Mertsching Le2 + la2 (6 CP)
Algorithms of speech recognition Häb-Umbach Le2 + la2 (6 CP)


This project team is offered every winter semester.