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Sustainable Image Processing Pipelines
Datum: 2013/05/27
Uhrzeit: 16:30 - 18:00 Uhr

With the introduction of GPUs the time to market for image processing products was decreased. On the other hand, complete new and complex infrastructures can be designed with this new technology.

To handle this challenges, we will try to describe a sustainable image processing pipeline.


  • A simple high level view of an image processing pipeline
    • Image acquisition: 4K and beyond
    • Preprocessing
    • Main processing
    • Metadata processing and feedback control
  • An advanced workflow
    • Metadata processing via standardized interfaces
    • Object oriented databases
      • High speed database analyses via GPUs
    • Feedback control via standardized interfaces
    • The video pipeline
      • Streaming
      • intelligent source navigation
      • Archiving
  • Conclusion