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Hybrid Localization in Mobile Robotics for Unknown Indoor Scenarios
Date: 2010/07/13
Time: 16:00 h
Place: P 6.2.03
Author(s): Irtiza Aziz

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, werte Kollegen, liebe Studis,

am kommenden Dienstag, den 13.07.2010, hält Herr Irtiza Ali um 16:00 in Raum P 6.2.03 einen Vortrag mit dem Titel:

Hybrid Localization in Mobile Robotics for Unknown Indoor Scenarios


The problem of position estimation i.e. localization in the field of mobile robotics is normally coined together with a mapping issue and famously known as a “Simultaneous Localization and Mapping” (SLAM). It is one of the fundamental issues in the field of mobile robotics. The solution to SLAM problem is achievable through offline or online methods with a further classification of known or unknown environment. The case of localizing a robot in unknown environment and in a real time is a most difficult problem which automatically makes the case of online SLAM, a challenging task. Various solutions have been proposed in this domain which relies mainly on the scan matching technique. The scan matching looks for the correspondence among the consecutive input measurements (like range and vision input), and then tries to estimate the position of the robot on the basis of pre-defined criterion. The aim of our present work is to deal with the problem estimation of a mobile robot in unknown indoor scenarios. In this regard, the notable efforts have been studied and analyzed for different scenarios and on the basis of the outcome of these analysis, a hybrid localization strategy have been proposed to achieve the light, reliable and a real-time localization method. The proposed hybrid localization strategy makes use of scan matching and multi-sensor fusion principles.

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