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Practical A

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141240 Practical A

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bärbel Mertsching (GET Lab), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Böcker (LEA), staff

P P Mertsching

Dates to be announced.

Educational objectives

The Practical A is intended for students to consolidate the knowledge obtained in the course Basic principles of Electrical engineering through hands-on experiments. The goal is to apply the fundamental methods of electrical engineering.


Six experiments are designed to illustrate the fundamental aspects of electrical engineering in practice.

Part 1 covers experiments on Part 2 includes experiments on

Position in the curriculum
Study programs Degrees Semester Work load
Electrical engineering (e) Dipl.-Ing. 2 4P
Information technology (ei) Dipl.-Ing. 2 4P
Electrical Engineering (eb) B.Sc. 2 4P
Physics, elective electrical engineering (ph) Dipl.-Phys. 2 4P

(P: practical)


Attendance of the course Basic principles of Electrical engineering A.


Following a colloquium prior to each experiment student teams of three independently work out fundamental methods of electrical engineering according to their assignments. Particular emphasis will be put on error handling, a thorough documentation of results and cooperation.


The Practical A is offered annually.