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Information on the Final Exams

Digital Image Processing I

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bärbel Mertsching


The final written examination (examination and proof of achievement) in the winter term 2017/18 (subject to amendments) will take place on March 28, 2018 . The room and time will be announced in time on this web page as well as on PAUL. Please also refer to the announcements of the examination office, as well as the relevant deadlines for the examination registration and de-registration .


In the exam, a maximum of 100 points can be achieved. The midterm exams do not have any influence on the final exam during this semester. .


The duration of the written examination is 2 hours (= 120 minutes).

Approved tools

No own tools (scripts, books, form collections, mobile phones, smart watches, etc.) are allowed except pocket calculators. Programmable pocket calculators or those with plot function for displaying function graphs are also not allowed.

Necessary Identification

Please bring a photo ID (e.g. student ID) for identification.

Good luck!