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Enhancement of Real-Time Object Tracking Using Local Image Features

Bearbeiter:Sabarish Kumar Amaravadi
Themengebiet:Computer Vision

The aim of this master’s thesis is to improve the accuracy of an object tracking algorithm by integrating (additional) local image features in a modular fashion. The object tracking algorithm should have the following specific properties: use of local image features, use of a single template for initialization, use of structural information, and real-time capability. The first and foremost step is to identify an object tracking algorithm with these properties for which an implementation exists. The second step is to integrate additional local image features into the algorithm, for instance, using parallel integration. Finally, the resulting object tracking algorithm will be tested with a range of standard data sets and is compared with its original version and other state-of-the-art object tracking algorithms. The resulting object tracking algorithm should effectively deal with challenges such as occlusion, clutter, and the disappearance of objects of interest.