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Open day at GET Lab: new series launched successfully
Datum: 2016/07/20

On Tuesday, July 19 2016, the GET Lab organized an open day for the first time. Visitors were able to see exciting demonstrations which showed insights of current projects and master thesis. In parallel several talks gave an introduction on technical cognitive systems and research in GET Lab.

Open Day at GET Lab
Dirk Fischer (fourth from left) explains the operation of a robotic arm by using inverse kinematics [Photo: Markus Hennig]

Just on July 3, 2016 the GET Lab team and it's rescue robot GETjag won the 3rd place at the robot world championship. Hence, Robotic was one main topic and demonstrations showed how algorithms developed in GET Lab can be in praxis. Thus, visitors could learn how to control a robotic arm by using inverse kinematics. It was interesting to see that participants were able to move and grab objects just within a couple of minutes. Additionally a special discipline of the RoboCup was presented. Here the robot has to follow a line by using a single camera.

The event was rounded off with presentations current projects and research topics by team members and students:

  • Simulators developed in GET Lab which help to test algorithms and design prototypes,
  • Semantic annotation of object representations,
  • Semi autonomous learning of objects,
  • 3D videos for mathematics education,
  • 3D object recognition.

Talks by Prof. Mertsching gave interesting insights into the functioning of technical cognitive systems as well as teaching and research. Furthermore, she explained how students can benefit from the interdisciplinary research done at GET Lab.

At the end of the day Prof. Mertsching summarized: "The open day was an enriching experience for both sides." Despite a competing event which started earlier, the open day at GET Lab attracted considerable interest. For the future GETLab plans to organize on open day each year. (Author: Fabian Winkel)

Tag der offenen Tür im GET Lab
Prof. Mertsching explains how the autonomous behavior of GETjag works. [Photo: Markus Hennig]