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Instruction of student tutors in cooperation with the program "Qualitätspakt Lehre"
Datum: 2017/10/17

Within the course "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering A" (GET A), which is held by GET Lab, the students can submit exercises on a weekly basis, and participate in intermediate exams in order to receive sound feedback about their individual learning progress. The submitted solutions are reviewed by student tutors.

In cooperation with the program "Qualitätspakt Lehre - Heterogenität als Chance" and the service offer "MaNaTech - Mathematik in naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Fächern", a course of instruction was organized in order to prepare the student tutors for this task. Besides criteria for an objective evaluation of the solutions, particularly principles for a helpful and supportive feedback have been elaborated.

Korrektorenschulung GET A WS 2017/18

Photo (GET Lab): Participants of the course of instruction (from left): Tobias Black (Trainer), Jan van den Heuvel, Hendrik Vater, and Markus Hennig (Coordinator).