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Development of Specific 3D Teaching Videos in GET Lab for Student Support
Datum: 2017/11/08

As part of a project by GET Lab, specific teaching videos systematically integrating 3D animations are developed for the course Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering A. In particular, the videos focus on supporting the modelling competency and the competency to handle technical/mathematical symbols and formalisms (for example multiple integrals). The topics addressed have been identified within the scope of a study conducted within the course in order to determine special problems faced by the students.

In this context, a video about Gauss's Law of Electricity is now available, which is discussed in the lectures and exercises. Further videos are in development so that they are complementing each other and yielding to a connected series. The teaching videos are an extension of a blended-learning approach previously developed in GET Lab for teaching mathematics within electrical engineering courses. The development of the teaching videos is supported by financial resources for the enhancement of teaching quality from the university ("QVM").

The video is available on the YouTube-channel by GET Lab: